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Writing Supplies – Write your own success story!

At times, the size of a product may not give the right indication of its market size. Writing instruments market in India, comprising Pens, Pencils and accessories, was valued at Rs. 41 billion in 2016, and forecasted to grow to Rs. 54 billion in 2021, according to a report by Euromonitor International.

The unorganized sector's contribution to the Writing Instruments market is placed at 30% of the total market by value. While by numbers the low-end market accounts for 90%, the premium and top-end segment accounts for less than one percent. The balance is accounted for by moderately priced and mid-priced products.

Writing supplies include products used in the academic environment, in offices, commercial and public establishments, and in the home environment. Students account for 55 to 60% of the off-take followed by executives at 20-25%. Other uses account for 15 to 20% of the market.

Writing Supplies include pens from branded Pen Manufacturers and from the unorganized sector. Pens are also made for special use such as Rotring Pen used for high precision technical writing requirements. Lead Pencil Wholesale is a thriving business due to demand from students in primary schools, while requirements for children’s drawing books are served by Colored Pencils Suppliers.

Fountain Pen Wholesalers cater to a niche consumer group that prefers to use pens with ink that can be refilled from the classic ink bottle. Luxury Pens are an exclusive market too, and are used mostly by senior management professionals who make a statement with the brand of pen they sign with. The innovative, large Nib Pens with transparent color from highlighter suppliers are useful to mark lines or paragraphs that hold one’s attention or need to be singled out for further review by a colleague.

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