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Content is king, goes the phrase. Content has to find a home, which it does, when placed securely on a page. The channel for transformation from thought to paper is often a computer and its key accessory - the printer. Content has to be replicated too, for internal or external circulation, and for this a copier is a must.

Copier Toner Manufacturers serve the requirements of the corporate world and academia. At the retail level, a large volume of documents, such as certificates, sale deeds and agreements have to be copied for personal use, and this has resulted in greater demand for toner cartridges. With fax still being used for certain types of communication, fax machine compatible toner cartridges too have a niche market. For various types of printers, such as dot matrix, deskjet and laserjet, printer cartridges, both branded and from the unorganized sector, are used in offices, commercial outlets and educational institutions.

Laser Toner Manufacturers use toner powder of a prescribed particle size distribution to form printed text and images on paper. Toners can be Polyester resin-based toners or styrene-acrylic based toners. The powder is formed by blending polyester or styrene-acrylic with other specialty polymers. Of these ingredients, Polyester is comparatively inexpensive and easily available globally and therefore widely used in printing toners. Technology is being developed to manufacture eco-friendly bio-based toners in the coming years.

The Hard Copy Peripherals (HCP) market in India is primarily driven by laser printers. According to International Data Corporation (IDC), Laser Printers marked a remarkable sequential growth of 15.9 percent in Q1 2016 in India. Some of the reasons for the uptake are reduction in prices of laser printers and shifting consumer preference from printing inks to toners.

Other than reprography, Inks are used extensively in the commercial printing industry as well. The product range of Printing Ink Manufacturers in India includes Sheet-fed Offset Inks, Web Offset Inks and Specialty Inks used in the printing industry. Inks are used to print on paper and other materials such as PVC and flex.

At the macro level, the print consumables market in India has grown significantly over the last decade. The growth is driven by consumer demand, increase in use of printers in homes, SOHO and SMB segments. The CPP, cost per page, has reduced over the years, with options such as refillable cartridges. However, Branded Toner Manufacturers, in order to protect their market share, have launched campaigns to educate customers on the benefits of using original and genuine consumables for getting the best quality prints.The Tammy Trade e-marketplace features various printer cartridges and printers under the Office Supplies segment. If you are a manufacturer or Supplier of Toners and Inks, we invite you to register on platform as a Verified Seller. If your quality is as per customer expectation and price is competitive, we are sure you will be saying Done Deal, before the ink gets dry.