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Calendars & Planners – keeping you up to date!

Received an invitation for an event, official engagement or social function? We tend to glance at the Calendar to check if it is a week day, weekend or public holiday. Likewise, the Planner on our desk is equally important as an Office Basic Item, because we can make a note of an appointment or write down an action point for a particular date. Those who use a diary will find it handy for the same requirements.

The advantage with calendars is they can be used for branding as well. Leading companies in the private and public sector take pride in bringing out each year a calendar based on a contemporary theme or communicating a socially relevant message. Every year, around September, the market for wholesale promotional calendars starts picking up, as companies begin to initiate thematic designs and place orders in high volumes from wall or Desk Calendar Manufacturers.

Around the same time of the year, executive Diary Suppliers also start marketing their customized diaries. Leather Planners, which are made from genuine leather, are the first choice for gifting to senior management and orders can be placed from Custom Planner Manufacturers. While planners mostly have a month format, products featuring weekly sheets can be sourced from Daily Planner Manufacturers.

Despite digital options to mark a date in one’s laptop or mobile, Calendars and Planners will continue to have a certain charm and demand from those who prefer a printed sheet to a screen view. The reason for the printed version is their visual appeal in terms of theme, and the pride of having received the calendar or planner from a leading corporate, well-wisher or friend.

Tammy Trade invites printers or their authorized representatives to feature their Calendar and Planner product range on the e-marketplace. As a Verified Seller, you get instant access to a national market, and you can interact online with Genuine Buyers registered on our platform. Our Relationship Managers, who can be contacted on our toll free number 1800 222 930, are always available to assist in the process of registration, and at the time of deal negotiation or conclusion.

Value Added Services offered by accredited partners of Tammy Trade, such as Logistics, Insurance, Packaging and Quality Checks, help achieve end to end fulfilment of the Order cycle and ensure a seamless transaction experience.