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The Office Supplies market has transformed rapidly in the last three years at the global level. With changes in technology, greater use of devices for communication and companies moving to the cloud for storage, traditional requirements such as Paper Board Files, Fax Paper, and Copier Paper are reducing in importance and are facing declining order volumes in Western countries. Further, the focus on ecological conservation has brought about a marginal decrease in the use of paper for printing, with a digital copy being the first mode of information sharing.

In the United States, four large companies account for more than 85% of Office Supplies. In India, the market is fragmented by the presence of thousands of smaller players who serve within a business district or a city. This includes family run Office Stationery Suppliers, wholesalers and distributors. Major product categories include paper supplied by A4 Size Paper Suppliers, stationery such as pencils, rulers, pins and staples, and toners from Copier Toner Manufacturers.

With the phenomenal rise in number of mobile phones in the country, there has been an increase in the availability of Memory Cards at wholesale price. Portable devices such as laptops, and the need to carry data literally in one’s pocket has ensured brisk business for pen drive suppliers.

However, for those providing Office Supplies from a brick and mortar base, the challenges are logistics and thin margins. Their procurement is not in large quantities due to territory limitations and cost of transportation in case they have to serve customers far from their base. The digital boom has changed this situation in favor of consumers. Today, a complete range of products can be purchased from wholesale office stationery online portals.

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