EcoLife Wheat Dalia (Cracked Wheat ) Grade A

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Organic Cracked Wheat (Dalia) comes from the MP Special Wheat grown in farms followed international Agriculture & Commodities/EcoLife Organic food standards for its production. It is rich in mineral, calcium, iodide, copper, Magnesium, manganese, vitamin B, and vitamin E. This wealth of nutrients is why dalia is often used as a foundation of nourishment. It controls body weight and activates over 300 enzymes in our body including insulin and slow release of glucose. Dalia will actively reduce inflammation. This health food can be used as excellent breakfast cereal porridges, upma, mixed dalia khichadi with Ecolife dals etc.
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  • 10158901537051720A
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  • Brown
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  • Ecolife
  • Bhopal
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  • 100%
  • Bag of 0.5 Kg Each. Contains 40 Bag in each box. Corrugated box size is 38 cm/20.32cm/11.43 cm