EcoLife Orgnaic Mung Bean (Saboot Mung) Grade A0.5

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Orgnaic Mung Bean (Saboot Mung)
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Mung bean (Green Gram) is one of the ancient pulses orginated in India 4500 years ago. Organic Mung Bean comes from the foothills of Satpura mountains, Madhya Pradesh and the Aravalli hills of Rajasthan where farmers have been holistically following Agriculture & Commodities/EcoLife Organic production as per the national & international standards. This is a rich source of vegetable protein, fiber, vitamins, A, B, C & E, minerals calcium, iron & potassium. It reduces cholesterol, weight loss, controls blood sugar, hypertension, suitable for diabetic people & also reported to have anti-cancerous property. Use to prepare poplar delicacies like mung dal tadka, sprouts, khichdi, halwa, papad & enjoy simple, delicious, wholesome meal with staples made from Organic Basmati Rice, Atta etc.
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  • 10158901537051546A
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  • Bag of 0.5 Kg Each. Contains 40 Bag in each box. Corrugated box size is 38 cm/20.32cm/11.43 cm