EcoLife Organic Chilli Whole Grade A

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Agriculture & Commodities/EcoLife Organic Chilli Whole
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Chilli, one of the ancient spices, has become part of human diet since thousands of years. Organic Red Chilli Whole comes from the Agriculture & Commodities/EcoLife Organic farming by following holistic principles & international standards of Agriculture & Commodities/EcoLife Organic food production. Used as fresh dried or powdered form in curries and food recipes to adds its unique aroma, colour and pungency. Good source of vitamin C, A, B complex with high mineral contents potassium, magnesium and iron. Its medicinal use comprises relief of arthritis pain.
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  • 10158901537050846A
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  • Bag of 0.05 Kg Each. Contains 20 Bag in each box. Corrugated box size is 43.18 cm/25.4cm/15.24 cm