EcoLife Org.Aromatic Khichadi Grade A

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EcoLife Org.Aromatic Khichadi Grade A
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Organic Aromatic Khichdi Rice is derived from the basmati rice grown in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains dedicatedly and exquisitely grown by the farmers conforming to holistic principles and international standards of Agriculture & Commodities/EcoLife Organic good production. Its lingering aroma and delicate flavour are similar to premium quality basmati rice giving a charming taste, Its natural freshness, rich quality and purity make it an excellent choice for the health of the entire family. Use it as Khichdi by blending with ECOLIFE Agriculture & Commodities/EcoLife Organic Dals or Plain rice
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  • 10158901537052093A
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  • Bag of 1 Kg Each. Contains 20 Bag in each box. Corrugated box size is 43.18 cm/25.4cm/15.24 cm