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  1. Carrot Seeds
    1146 Carrot Seed
  2. Onion Seeds
    1146 Onion Seeds
  3. Guar
    1173 Guar
  4. Radish Seed
    1201 Radish Seed
  5. Potato
    1303 KJ Potato
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  7. Fresh Onion
    1445 Fresh Onion
  8. Carrot Seeds
    1470 Carrot Seed
  9. Onion
    1507 Onion
  10. Guar
    1542 Guar
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Take the alphabets from A to Z, and you will find at least one vegetable for each. From Asparagus to Zucchini, from Beetroot to Yam and from Carrot to Watercress, almost every vegetable finds its way to the food table, bringing us the necessary nutrition, energy and fibre that’s essential for a healthy life.

Around the world, the total amount of vegetables harvested is more than one billion metric tons per year. Over three quarters of the production volume is generated in Asia. Tomatoes are by far the leading vegetable worldwide, based on production volume.

Given that in most parts of the world, vegetables are part of at least two meals of the day, growing vegetables is not just a source of livelihood but a profitable occupation as well. In Vegetable Wholesale, profitability depends on various factors such as quality, varied selection of produce and efficient operations. Larger Vegetable Suppliers benefit from economies of scale in purchasing and transportation. Smaller companies may compete by specializing in certain products, or by focusing on a geographical area.

India accounts for less than one percent of the world’s share of Fruits and Vegetables, yet there is increasing acceptance of the country’s horticulture produce in world markets, according to Agriculture & Processed Food Products Export Development Authority. India is the largest producer of Ginger and Okra amongst vegetables and ranks second in production of Potatoes, Onions, Cauliflower, Brinjal, and Cabbage etc. As per the National Horticulture Board, during 2014-15, India produced 169.478 million metric tonnes of vegetables. The area under cultivation for vegetables is 9.542 million hectares.

Vegetable Exporters from India completed shipment of vegetables worth Rs. 4,866.91 crores during 2015-16. The export basket comprises mainly Onion, Okra, Bitter Gourd, Green Chilly, Mushroom and Potato. The major destinations for vegetables are UAE, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Netherland, Sri Lanka, Nepal, UK, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Qatar.

Organic vegetables, grown without use of fertilizers and pesticides, have been gaining importance over the last two decades. Studies have shown that Organic Vegetables have higher level of antioxidants, phenolic acids and other nutrients. 

India’s vegetable markets are no longer confined to traditional subzi mandis and neighborhood grocers. The Retail Revolution has ushered in hundreds of new outlets which stock provisions, FMCG items and vegetables under one roof. This has created an open market environment for consumers and opportunity for growth for those in the business of vegetables production and trading.

Tammy Trade serves as an online platform for bulk buying and selling of vegetables. Featured on the portal are more than 90 types of vegetables, including onion, garlic, potato, ginger, carrots, chilli and more. The products can be ordered from various locations in India with just one click. Tammy Trade’s Value Added Services can be a big plus in placing orders for vegetables, as our third party quality checks can certify the quality of the vegetables prior to dispatch. Our logistics partners can assist with shipment, so that the produce reaches the destination in the least possible time. If you are a Seller who wishes to sell in bulk, or a Buyer who wishes to place orders, register on the portal, and get set for a farm-fresh deal!